I don't mind if my song makes you uncomfortable or challenges you to think differently” - Curtis Sagmeister

Curtis Sagmeister is a Songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Every song Curtis writes begins its journey as a Country song. Where it goes from there is dictated by the ebbs and flows of the creative process. The end result may take the form of rock, pop, jazz. and even electronic dance music. But, yes, some of his songs remain country, and that is okee dokee!!

Curtis is an amputee confined to a wheelchair but you would be mistaken to think that his mobility issues define him. In fact, despite his inability to twirl on the dancefloor, for instance, Curtis writes many songs that are danceable and high energy. Such juxtapositions can be found within many of Curtis's songs.

Curtis is an internationally published photographer, poet, writer, and children's book author. When not chasing his creative pursuits, you will find him following his passion as a numismatist. That's just one of those fancy words that simply means he collects coins. 

Curtis is motivated to work in collaboration with producers and music publishers who can give a prominent voice to his songs and bring them to market.